Gaid Salah warns, once again, the “Gang”


Algeria – Visiting Oran for three days, Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Defense Minister, Chief of Staff, said that the National People’s Army (ANP) would prevent anyone wishing to undermine the territorial integrity of the country.

Ahmed Gaïd Salah delivered, from the second military region in Oran, a very offensive speech against the last tentacles of what he called a “gang”. “The country will not be built by the band that does not know the reality of Algeria and its people,” he thundered. And to add, “Algeria does not need those, it needs patriots”.

The Deputy Minister of Defense assured that the plans of the gang and its ramifications would not be realized. They would not be realized thanks to the ANP which, according to him, would not let any part hurt the country.

“The army will face anyone who wants to harm Algeria,” he warned.


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