National hotel network : 12,000 new beds in 2019


ANNABA – The hotel park has been strengthened at the national level with “12,000 new beds” in 2019, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Abdelkader Benmessaoud said in Annaba on Thursday.

In a statement to the press, on the sidelines of the inauguration of a Spa in a private hotel, the Minister noted that the “significant” number of new beds was concretized thanks to the realization of 96 new hotel establishments in several wilayas of the country, adding that these new structures are well distributed on the national territory, in particular in wilayas of Algiers and Oran.

The Minister of Tourism and Handicraft also said that 120 beds were received in the wilaya of Adrar, which will be “a tourist, cultural, religious and Saharan destination,” while the wilaya of Annaba has 1,000.

Mr. Benmessaoud added that these new hotel establishments have helped to create competition in terms of services provided and in relation to prices, underlining that a large hotel inspection operation has been conducted by his department in recent days, in order to verify compliance with the commitments made in terms of price reduction and improvement of services.

In this context, the minister said that reductions ranging between 20% and 50% were applied to encourage domestic tourism to find a solution to the issue of tariffs, raised each time.

During his working visit to the wilaya of Annaba, Abdelkader Benmessaoud inspected the project of rehabilitation and modernization of the hotel “Seybouse” with a capacity of 500 beds, located in the city center, one of the largest hotels at the national level and is expected to reopen next year.

The Minister also laid the foundation stone for two 4-star hotel projects as part of the private investment, and inaugurated two hotels in downtown Annaba.



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