Record warm temperatures recorded across Algeria


 ALGIERS- The month of July 2019 has been “particularly hot”, day and night. “Record” warm temperatures hit several parts of the country, as average temperatures soared by +3.3 C, said Director of the National Climate Center (NCC) Salah Sahabi-Abed.


“July 2019 was very hot in most parts of the country. Average temperatures were between 0.2 and 3.3 degrees Celsius higher than normal,” Sahabi-Abed told APS.

According to the same expert, anomalies in the average maximum temperatures from the normal level calculated in July months over the 1981-2010 period were significant. Overall, they varied from +0.2 C to +3.7 C.

Thus, new maximum temperature records were broken in several provinces of the country namely, Adrar with 50.0 C, Arzew (44.5 C), Béni-Saf (40.9 C), Tenès (44.0 C), Mostaganem (45.9 C), Tiaret (43.0 C) and Mecheria (43.5 C).

Regarding average minimum temperatures (recorded during nights), the deviations from normal temperatures were also significant ranging from +0.1 to +3.6 C, with the exception of the Tindouf region where there was a difference of -1.1 C, because of the influence of the marine winds coming from the western Atlantic Ocean.

The Météo Algérie had previously announced that the July and August temperatures forecast would be “normal to above normal” in the different regions of the country.

The monthly forecasts developed by Météo Algérie coincide with those issued by the regional climate centers of the Mediterranean countries and confirm the shift from normal situation to warmer than normal throughout the summer season with 80% of probability.




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