Two Algerian films at 14th Arab Film Festival in Brazil


ALGIERS – Algerian filmmaker Sofia Djama’s film “Les bienheureux” and Karim Sayad’s documentary “Des moutons et hommes” take part in the 14th Arab Film Festival in Brazil, scheduled for August 7-14 in Sao Paulo (Southeast), announced the organizers.

The film of Sofia Djama, guest of honor of this festival, and the documentary of Karim Sayad will be presented, in addition to Brazilian films, alongside eleven other productions of several Arab countries.

Algerian-French-Belgian co-production, “The Blessed”, brought to the screen by Nadia Kaci, Amine Lensari and Lyna Khoudri, deals in 102 minutes, with the disarray and despair of the Algerian youth after the 1990s.

The first feature-length film by Sofia Djama, “The Blessed” won, among other things, the prize for Best Director at the 14th Dubai Film Festival (2017) and the best female role, which was awarded the same year in Italy, to actress Lyna Khoudri at the 74th Venice Film Festival, in her section “Orrizonti”.

For its part, the documentary film “Sheep and men”,  deals, in 78 minutes, with sheep fighting, organized during each period of Eid.

Co-production, Algerian-French-Swiss-Qatari, the documentary of Karim Sayad won, in 2018, the Prize of the Festival of Arab Cinema organized by the Arab World Institute in Paris (France).

Organized by the “Arab Cultural Center” (ICArabe), the Arab Film Festival in Brazil aims to showcase Arab cinema, through film screenings, meetings and debates, directed by filmmakers and intellectuals from Brazil and other Arab countries.






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