Political dialogue: All proposals to serve as roadmaps


ALGIERS- National Dialogue and Mediation Panel stressed that all platforms and proposals made as part of the efforts to settle the political crisis in Algeria will serve as “main roadmaps” in drafting the paper to be submitted to the National Conference, to be held at the end of the dialogue process.


In a statement issued after a meeting held Sunday in Algiers, the body, chaired by its coordinator general Karim Younes, in the presence of all its members including the new ones, highlighted that the attendees “seized this opportunity to salute all Initiatives of dialogue, all trends and components, that preceded the creation of the Forum as well as all their platforms and proposals for the settlement of the crisis that the country is going through “.

“All these platforms and proposals will constitute main roadmaps that will serve as a reference for the Forum in the drafting of a paper, to be submitted, after consultations with civil society actors, to the National Conference scheduled for the end of the rounds of dialogue “, added the same source.

At this meeting, “it was proceeded to the establishment of working committees and the definition of their missions and members, in addition to the creation of a committee of wise gathering all the personalities and experts who agreed to join to this body, and this as an advisory commission, requested by the Forum and its various committees in the accomplishment of their missions “.

The Forum “confirms its role of mediator to bring the views of the different actors closer together at the national conference, in particular with regard to the organic law governing the electoral system and the law establishing an independent national authority responsible for organization of the Presidential elections “.



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