Djemila International Festival kicks off with Sraoui music


Djemila (SETIF)-  The 15th edition of Djemila International Festival kicked off Sunday evening in Setif (300 km east of Algiers) with an enthralling show to Sraoui music rhythms, in presence of Culture Minister Meriem Merdaci.


The show went back in time to the history of Sraoui music, characterizing the regions of the Highlands and its evolution through time to arrive at the modern Sétifian song.

On stage, the strong and powerful voices of the singers Tchier Adelghani, Fares Staifi and Manel intertwined to sing the joy, the rejoicings, the sadness and the heartbreak, such as the powerful Sraoui songs that once filled the countryside, sparking strident youyous and bursts of applause from the audience.

During the opening ceremony, the Minister of Culture praised the efforts exerted to make the event successful, welcoming the wide audience, anxious to support and maintain preserve ancestral heritage ”.

For this first evening of the 15th edition of the International Festival of Djemila, the Lebanese singer Awane opened the festival gratifying the presents with a cocktail of songs and rhythms.

The event, that will run until August 8, will bring under one roof singers among others, Nasro, Bilal Seghir, Samir Leulmi, Radia Manel, Mok Saib, Amine Babylon, Hocine Staifi and Salim Chaoui.



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