Political crisis: Initiatives for dialogue, divergences on mechanisms for its launch


ALGIERS- Various political initiatives have been put forward recently on the political scene with a view to finding solutions to the crisis in the country.


Some of them stressed the need to set an agenda for next presidential election as soon as possible while the others proposed a road map for a transition period, and all of them agree that dialogue is a priority.

Several political parties and stakeholders on the national scene expressed their conviction on the need to find a solution that would help get our country out of the current deadlock: a solution that would be the basis for a constructive and inclusive dialogue, in order to restore confidence between all parties.

The Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah has called, on several occasions, for dialogue that would be led by national independent and credible figures, assuring that the State would not be involved.

“This dialogue is urgent, because the country must recover as soon as possible its political and institutional normality,” he said.

Holding the presidential election “remains the only viable and reasonable democratic solution,” he added.

Several political parties underlined the need to open dialogue even with conditions.

In this respect, political parties and civil society organizations held a conference on national dialogue two weeks ago.

During this conference, the participants agreed to draw up a clear road map to overcome the political crisis.

They also insisted on the need to take measures to “restore confidence and prepare the ground for dialogue,” and called for the setting-up of a panel made up of national honest and credible figures, with consensus between the parties to the dialogue and by excluding symbols of the corrupt political system.

In this regard, the Civil Society Forum for Change proposed, few days ago, thirteen national figures to lead the dialogue process.

Those personalities emerge owing to their moral authority and their historical and political legitimacy.

This initiative was welcomed by the Head of State, who said “consultations would be launched for the setting-up of the panel, whose members would be announced soon.”

He added that the personalities proposed (by the Forum) “are fully eligible to fulfil this noble mission in the service of our country.”

“They should be credible, independent, without party affiliation and without electoral ambition,” said the Head of State.

“This dialogue remains the only means to build a fruitful and the broadest possible consensus, leading to a presidential election that would allow the country to launch the much-needed reforms,” he added.




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