State to toughen Algerian anti-corruption legislation


ALGIERS – Determined to continue combating corruption, the State has decided to toughen the Algerian legislation. Indeed, the Code of Criminal Procedure will be revised to levy all the obstacles to the public action.


 In this regard, a draft bill modifying and completing the Code of Criminal Procedure has been presented Wednesday by Justice Minister Slimane Brahmi during a meeting of the government.

It aims at hardening the legal system in terms of the fight against all the forms of crime.

The new bill aims at levying all the obstacles to the judicial police action and repealing the provisions which hinder the application of public action.

The abrogation would also concern the provisions which make any public action against public economic companies subject to prior complaints from the companies’ corporate bodies.

The amendments which would be introduced to the Code of Criminal Procedure will empower the judicial police officers to exercise their missions without the authorization of the general prosecutor.

They would also authorize the judicial police officers to search and investigate all the cases addressed by the national criminal law.

Several weeks ago, the justice minister committed “to spare no efforts to remove all the judicial obstacles in order to achieve effective fight against corruption.”

The Judiciary is “an independent authority which mission is the enforcement of law so to protect the society and guarantee the individuals’ rights and liberties,” he pointed out.




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