Head of State receives credentials from many ambassadors


ALGIERS- Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah has received Wednesday, at the Presidency of the Republic, many ambassadors who presented their credentials.


The Head of State received the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Barry Robert Lowen, who hailed, in a statement to the press, at the end of the meeting, the “old and friendly ” bilateral relations that rely on the” win-win “partnership, saying they are” optimistic “about expanding these links to other areas in the future.

For her part, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Ulrike Maria Knotz said that Algeria and Germany had “excellent relations of friendship in all fields”.

Regarding the political aspect, “Algeria is a strategic partner for Germany, given its continental and international weight,” she said. On the economic side, she noted that many German companies were active in Algeria in non-hydrocarbon fields.

As for the cultural field, Ms Knotz said that “more and more Algerians want to learn the German language”. A request that will be satisfied in the future, she reassured.

Algeria “is going through an important stage in its history and Germany is following the events with interest,” said the German diplomat, adding “we wish the best for Algeria, thanks to the will and the wisdom” of the Algerians.

For his part, the Japanese ambassador to Algiers, Kazuya Ogawa described as “excellent” the relations between the two countries, recalling that they go back to 1958, year of the creation of the office of the National Liberation Front (FLN) in Tokyo.

Economic relations “do not reflect the potential of both countries”, given their positions at the international and continental levels, which represent great potential for cooperation and investment between the two countries.

The Japanese ambassador paid tribute to the “civility” and “conscience” shown by the Algerian people during the peaceful marches, wishing prosperity for our country.

In a statement to the press, Czech Ambassador Lenka Pokorna said her talks with Bensalah focused on the opportunities for bilateral cooperation, existing and future, as well as “the willingness of his country to share his experience with Algeria “.

In the same vein, she recalled that the Czech Republic was one of the founding countries of the Symphonic Festival hosted by Algeria, for a decade, also citing bilateral cooperation with the University of Constantine in the field of archeology, a cooperation under development between the two parties.

For his part, the Ukrainian Ambassador Maksym Soubkh Alyovych reviewed with the Head of State, the state of bilateral relations in different areas and the means to strengthen them, transmitting to him the “attachment” of his country to develop its relations with Algeria, through “the revitalization of the political dialogue and the increase of the volume of the commercial exchanges between the two countries which reached, during the first five months of the current year, 400 million dollars, a significant increase over the past year. ”

The Ukrainian diplomat also stressed “the importance of broadening the legal basis of bilateral relations, through the conclusion of a large number of agreements ready to be signed”.

For his part, the ambassador of Qatar, Hassane Ibrahim Abdurrahmane El-Malki hailed the solid relations between the two countries, expressing a sincere will to further strengthen and expand them to other areas in the best interests of both countries. ”

He also welcomed the popular Hirak which he described as “a source of inspiration for the peoples of the world and a lesson in civility and social cohesion”, expressing, as such, the wish of his country to see “Algeria out of this exceptional situation stronger and stronger”.

The ambassador of Senegal in Algiers, Anta Coulibaly Diallo reviewed, for her part, the “close” links between her country and Algeria, which share, she said, “the same values ​​and visions on the international issues “, noting the importance of joint commissions and their role in strengthening bilateral relations in the different areas.

The discovery of oil and gas in Senegal “opens new perspectives to both parties in order to revive economic cooperation,” she argued, saying that her country “needs the Algerian experience in this area, benefiting from the experience of Sonatrach, a pioneer in the field of hydrocarbons “.

In a statement to the press, the ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania in Algiers, Omar Yuzuf Mzee, said he spoke at the meeting of various political and economic issues, saying that “the bilateral political relations are good. During his presence in Algeria, his Excellency Mr. Mzee affirmed his “commitment” to direct his efforts in this direction.

In the same vein, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Rose Osaka Okitundu said that she had exchanged views with Mr. Bensalah on the different aspects of bilateral relations.

For his part, Sudan’s ambassador, Elabeid Mohamed Elabeid Rahma, expressed his country’s “aspiration” to strengthen bilateral ties, particularly in the economic and commercial fields, saying he had reviewed with the head of the State the latest developments in Sudan that have recently resulted in a three-year agreement between the belligerents.



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