Former Sonatrach Deputy CEO, Abdelhafidh Feghouli, on remand in custody


ALGIERS-The investigating Judge at the Supreme Court on Sunday ordered the pre-trial detention of former Deputy CEO of Sonatrach group, Abdelhafid Feghouli, after hearing him under an investigation into corruption cases, the Supreme Court announced in a communiqué.

“As part of the investigation at the level of the Supreme Court, the investigating judge heard, July 10, Mr. Feghouli Abdelhafidh, former Sonatrach deputy CEO, sued for procurement in violation of applicable legal and regulatory provisions for granting unjustified privileges to others, pursuant to the provisions of Articles 02, 03, 11, 18, 20, 21, 23, 30, 39, 47, 48 and 108 of the Code of public procurement and Article 26, paragraph 1 of Law 06-01 on the prevention and fight against corruption, “the source said.

The defendant is also prosecuted “in accordance with the provisions of article 29 of the law 06-01 on the prevention and the fight against corruption, for the squandering of public funds, and according to article 33 of the same law, for abuse of function “, added the statement, which stated that” the investigating judge ordered the placement of the defendant in pre-trial detention”.

Remember that Feghouli Abdekhafidh had appeared in court twice in the Sonatrach case. In 2016, he was heard as a witness and in 2011, he appeared as an accused and sentenced to one year of imprisonment, including four firm months.

He had been sued with ex-CEO Mohamed Meziane and several executives for “unauthorized procurement” and “squandering public money”.

This case dates back to October 2007, the date of the signing of a private contract between Cogiz (owned by Sonatrach) and Safir (company under Algerian law).



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