Foreign trade: Deficit worth US$1.87bn in Jan-May 2019


ALGIERS-Algeria’s trade balance deficit stood at US$1.87 billion between January and May 2019 against US$2.60 during the same period in 2018, Customs’ Directorate General told APS.

Algerian exports amounted to US $ 16.73 billion (US $ bn) in the first five months of the current year, compared to US $ 17.04 bn in the same period of 2018, a slight decrease of -1.86%. indicated provisional statistics from the Department of Customs Studies and Foresight (DEPD).

For imports, they reached 18.60 billion dollars, against 19.64 billion dollars, down -5.32%.

Hydrocarbons accounted for the bulk of Algerian sales abroad in the first five months of 2019 (93.36% of the total volume of exports), amounting to 15.61 billion US dollars, against 15.80 billion US dollars at the same period in 2018, recording a decrease of (-1.20%).

For non-hydrocarbon exports, they remain marginal at US $ 1.11bn in the first five months of the current year, which represents 6.64% of the global volume of exports, compared to nearly US $ 1.24bn. at the same period in 2018, down -10.25%.

Exports excluding hydrocarbons consisted mainly of semi-finished products with 817.1 million usd (against 961.1 million usd in 2018), down 14.98%, food goods with 192.73 million usd (against 173.54 million usd) up 11.06%, industrial equipment with nearly 41.4 million usd (against 44.54 million usd), a decrease of 7.12%.

They also include raw products of US $ 44.05 million, compared with US $ 43.65 million (+ 0.93%) and non-food consumer goods, with US $ 15.78 million, compared to US $ 15.22 million, which is also up 3.63% compared to the same comparison period.

== Decline in imports of five product groups ==

In terms of imports, five of the seven commodity groups in the import structure fell in the first five months of 2019, compared to the same period last year.

In fact, the energy and lubricants (fuels) group’s import bill fell by nearly 60% to US $ 244.8 million, compared to US $ 607.5 million.

Food goods, whose imports amounted to nearly 3.54 billion US dollars, against 3.95 billion US dollars, fell by 10.52 percent, according to Customs.

The same trend was recorded for agricultural equipment goods, which totaled 210.32 million usd, against 241.44 million usd (-12.9%).

For their part, imports of non-food consumer goods totaled 2.66 billion USd against 2.76 billion USd, also down (-3.52%).

The same trend was recorded for Algeria’s foreign purchases of industrial equipment goods, which reached US $ 6.37 billion, compared to US $ 6.59 billion (-3.36%).

In contrast, two groups of products in the import structure experienced increases during the comparison period.

Thus, gross revenues reached US $ 872.33 million, against US $ 841.45 million (+ 3.67%) and the semi-finished products totaled US $ 4.7 billion, compared with US $ 4.65 billion, also slight increase of (+ 1.12%).



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