Export/import: Italy 1st customer of Algeria, China 1st supplier


Italy is Algeria 1st customer  and China 1st supplier, Customs’ Directorate General told APS.

Regarding Algeria’s trading partners, the country’s top five customers accounted for more than 55% of Algerian exports from January to May 2019.

As such, Italy maintains its position as the main customer with 2.68 billion US dollars (more than 16% of global Algerian exports), followed by France with 2.17 billion US dollars (13.02%), Spain with two (2) md usd near (12%), the United States with 1.41 bn usd (8.41%) and Turkey with one (1) md usd (6.04%).

As for Algeria’s main suppliers, the top five accounted for nearly 51%.

Algeria’s top five suppliers are: China, which still holds first place with US $ 3.50 billion (18.8% of Algeria’s total imports), followed by France with nearly US $ 1.85 billion (9%). 94%), Spain with 1.41 billion usd (7.57%), Germany with 1.37 million usd (7.37%) and Italy with 1.34 billion usd (7, 21%).





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