E-payment: Transactions set to “significantly” increase in 2019


ALGIERS- The e-payment transactions in Algeria are expected to “significantly” increase in 2019, thanks to the “efforts” deployed by the Regulation Body to develop the sector, manager Madjid Messaoudene told APS.


“The value of transactions is increasing month by month and we expect a significant increase in the current year, especially with the removal of constraints that hinder the widespread e-payment deployment,” said the head of the Grouping of Economic Interest of Electronic Payment  (GIE Electronic Payment).

The process of internet payment platform use has benefited from many facilitation measures, notably a reduction in access fees to DZD 50,000 dinars (payable once), against previously DZD500, 000, he said.

Following such a measure, the number of customers rose to thirty in 2019, against six in 2016.

The GIE Electronic Payment had also recently given five new “web-merchants” access to the platform. The merchants are specializing in the online sale of goods, with payment in cash on delivery or at a selling point.

On the other hand, the GIE Electronic Payment launched an awareness campaign during which a meeting was held with representatives of Algerian e-commerce sites around the importance of joining the e-payment system.

“The representatives were unaware of this possibility, although the law allows it since May 2018. They expressed, however, their desire to benefit from facilitation measures,” he said.




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