Information, sensitization workshop on SDG3 Monday in Algiers


ALGIERS- Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize on Monday and Tuesday an information and sensitization workshop on sustainable development goal no3 (SDG3) bringing together the different stakeholders involved in health sector in Algeria, announced the ministry in a communiqué.

This event is organized in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Hospital Reform (MSPRH) and with the support of the agencies of the United Nations in Algeria (WHO, UNFPA, UNAIDS and the BCR).

The same source states that this workshop “is part of the project of Joint Support of the United Nations System (UN System) to the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the SDGs by the Algerian Government which proposes a joint approach with the UNS to support Algeria in its efforts to adopt more comprehensive and integrated approaches in the health sector, to ensure universal health coverage and to define the best means of achieving the targets of SDG3 by 2030 “.

The communiqué, then,  details the expected objectives, noting that it is:

To inform and sensitize the managers of the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, the different institutions and sectors concerned, civil society and the private sector intervening in the field of health on the targets of SDG3 and their fields of application;

To sensitize the different stakeholders on the integrated and multi-sectoral approach necessary for the implementation of SDG3 and to inform them about the ways of institutional collaboration with the UNS;

Share experiences and best practices in cross-cutting and multisectoral areas of action to increase effectiveness in the application of the concept of “health in all policies” (health, economic, social, environmental);

To review the main areas of action to be prioritized and the health risks associated with climate change, among others;

And finally, to identify the needs for technical cooperation for achieving SDG 3 with the UN; and Identify opportunities for resource mobilization as part of a public-private partnership involving civil society.

Recalling that this workshop is the fourth of its kind, the MAE document explains that “it is a continuation of the three (03) workshops that were successfully completed in 2018,  “.


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