Souk Ahras: Seizure of 112 archaeological pieces dating back to Roman period


SOUK AHRAS- No fewer than 112 archaeological pieces dating back to Roman times and instruments used for archaeological excavations were seized between early January and June 20, 2019 by the services of the regional unit against the trafficking of cultural heritage and Protection of cultural property under the regional grouping of the National Gendarmerie Souk Ahras, said, Wednesday, the head of this cell, the adjutant Said Tamine.

Speaking on the sidelines of “Open House” on the National Gendarmerie, organized at the Mujahideen Museum in the presence of civil, judicial and military authorities,  Tamine specified that the seizures included a pottery jar, a tool to remove nails provided with a pick and a hammer, precious jewels, two necklaces, as well as old coins and two metal statuettes.
The head of the regional unit for combating the trafficking of cultural heritage and the protection of cultural property, whose territorial jurisdiction extends to the wilayas of Oum El Bouaghi, Tebessa, Khenchela, Guelma, El Tarf and Souk Ahras, pointed out that following these seizures, 13 people were apprehended and  transferred to the courts .Alongside this, the services of this cell discovered, during the same period, sites and tombs dating back to Roman times, including two tombs and an archaeological site that was the subject of archaeological excavations .

In recent months, unclassified cultural sites, including one (1) in Oum El Bouaghi, two (2) in Guelma, two (2) Tebessa and the discovery of a “Hanchir” (archaeological pit) in the city Bir El Ater, in the wilaya of Tebessa, were also updated.




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