Gaid Salah: Departing from constitutional framework, means “sinking into chaos”


ALGIERS – Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army has reaffirmed in Cherchell (Tipasa) his conviction that finding a solution of the current political crisis outside the constitutional framework, “means being confined to possibilities that might have disastrous consequences, namely sinking into chaos,” said Thursday a communiqué of the National Defence Ministry.


“We have repeatedly affirmed that departing, in whatever form, from the constitutional framework, means plunging into possibilities that might have disastrous consequences, namely sinking into chaos. This is wish of the members of the gang, their leaders and their supporters,” said the Army chief before the officers and the students of the Military Academy of Cherchell.

“Thus, the military institution is attached to the need to respect the country’s Constitution and apply the law in force, to stand in the way of the opportunists, social climbers and traitors who try to corrode the efforts of those are loyal to Algeria and prevent them from serving their homeland. Serving the homeland undoubtedly means the obligation of countering its enemies,” he added.

He said that he had previously pledged “to support the people quest to achieve their hopes and their legitimate expectations.”

Gaid Salah recalled that “the instigators of the gang and their accomplices have tried, for years, to kill hope of the Algerians and to smother all the devoted among the sons of this country. This requires from us to continue the fight against corruption by all legal means.”

“We consider that what Algeria lives today is exceptional. With the help of Allah, it will allow it to consistently progress in the building of the Rule of Law, which remains the objective of the free and noble children of Algeria, who have one only mission and target which is to be in the service of their country and not becoming unlawfully richer by taking advantage of their positions,” he added.

“What has been achieved in the fight against corruption, like the dismantling of the gang networks and the drying up of its sources is not negligible. It is rather a clear indicator of the efforts of the Army and all the devoted people in all sectors of the State and within the society. Combined, all the efforts always bring benefits to the country and to the people.”




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