Algeria’s budgetary deficit hits DZD 992.67 billion in Q1 of 2019


 ALGIERS- Algeria’s budgetary deficit reached DZD 992.67 billion during the first quarter of 2019, against DZD 1, 276.5 billion during the same period in 2018, down 22%, Finance Ministry said Wednesday.

Operating expenses rose to 1,556.5 billion dinars during the first quarter, compared to 1,395.3 billion dinars (+ 11.55%) during the same quarter in 2018.

Capital expenditure (ie investment) fell by more than 28% to almost 892 billion DA, compared with 1,243.62 billion DA over the same period. comparison.

The budgetary revenues recovered during the first quarter of 2019 reached 1.455.78 billion DA against 1.362.41 billion DA (+ 7%).

The oil tax collected during the first three months of the year reached 648.63 billion dinars (+ 3%) while the ordinary taxation amounted to 807.15 billion DA (+ 10%).

The overall deficit of the Treasury recorded during the first quarter was 1,352.5 billion DA, virtually unchanged compared to the same period in 2018.

The overall balance of the Treasury includes, in addition to the budget deficit, the balances of the allocation accounts, excluding regulatory funds, budget operations and Interventions of the Treasury.



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