Abdelaziz Rahabi designated to coordinate National Dialogue Conference


ALGIERS – Former Minister of Communication Abdelaziz Rahabi on Wednesday announced he has been designated to coordinate the organization of the National Conference for Dialogue, scheduled for July 6th with the participation of political parties, personalities, representatives of the civil society and young people from the popular movement (hirak).


In a publication on his Facebook page, Rahabi said that “the political parties, civil society that presented a platform on June 15 and the associations of the popular movement plan to hold a national symposium on July 6, 2019, and have coordinated to manage this comprehensive and inclusive policy initiative to develop an approach and mechanisms for ending the crisis, and to move within a reasonable period of time towards the organization of the first democratic presidential election in the country’s history “.

The former minister said he had “extensive contacts with all parties, without exception, to participate in the organization of the various stages of this meeting, and fully adhere to the efforts to end the crisis,” noting having met, on 19 June, a group of members of the leadership of the Front of the Socialist Forces (FFS) and presented the contents of the draft of the symposium on the national dialogue.

The Organizational Committee in charge of preparing the national conference was able to convince the RCD to participate, while the FFS is calling for a Constituent Assembly.

Three committees have been formed by this Commission, the first of which is to collect opinions and existing political initiatives in the field, the second (Organizing Committee) to define where and when the conference will take place and the third of the communication and  consultation with all the political forces of the country.

In this regard, they called for “the opening of a comprehensive national dialogue with the political class, civil society and national figures as well as the activists of the popular Hirak on the political and socio-economic situation of the country”, besides “the ways and means of ending the crisis “.








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