Gaïd Salah: “Army to accompany people to reach threshold of constitutional legitimacy


Algeria – Ahmed Gaïd Salah, deputy defense minister and chief of staff of the Army, assured today, Wednesday, in the military academy in Tiapza, that the army would spare no effort to accompany the people until end.

“The army will continue to accompany the people in their path,” he said on the first day of his visit.
For Ahmed Gaïd Salah, the National People’s Army (ANP) has no other ambition than to serve the country and to “sincerely” accompany the Algerian people. “Our ambition is an accompaniment of our authentic people to reach the threshold of constitutional legitimacy,” he said.

Finally, the Deputy Minister of Defense has sent a direct message to the people in which he invites them to be understanding. “We expect the people to be understanding,” he pointed out.

Ahmed Gaïd Salah’s visit to the Cherchell Academy will wrap up Thursday (June 27th). During the second day.


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