“It’s time for all Palestinians to get united to thwart so-called “Century Deal”, Palestinian Ambassador to Algeria


Dozens of Palestinians and Algerians participated, today, Tuesday, at the Palestinian Embassy headquarters, located in the Algerian capital Algiers, at a sit-in in protest of the so-called the Deal of the Century and the U.S.-led economic workshop held in Bahrain.

The attendees carried placards saying: “No normalization with the Zionists”, “No to the Deal of the Century” , “No to the occupation,” “No to the Bahrain workshop,” “The Bahrain workshop is a conspiracy to steal the rights of our people,” and “El Quds is not for sale,” denouncing  “the Deal of the Century” , dubbing its consequences “null and void” .

With strong patriotic fervor, the anthems of the two countries, namely, Algeria and Palestine were performed followed by the applause of the attendees.

Addressing the participants, His Excellency, the newly appointed Palestinian Ambassador to Algiers Ahmed Ramzi Makboul highlighted that the holding of the international conference in Bahrain with the participation of the occupied enemy of Palestine and the absence of a Palestinian voice is rejected.

“This deal will fail and we will remain loyal to our martyrs,” pointed out the official.

“Bahrain conference is designed to transform the Palestinian cause into a financial and economic issue. “This conference will not pass,” he emphasized, adding: “All we need is our independence, and then we can build our country by ourselves, we have huge potentials.”


“Century Deal is nonsense”

Condemning the Bahrain conference, in which the United States is expected to present its economic plan in the framework of  the so-called the comprehensive plan for peace in the Middle East, or what has become known as the “Century Deal”, the Palestinian Diplomat called upon the Arab countries and Islamic peoples and the international community in support of the Palestinian right to be aware of the risks involved in the deal, that aims at undermining Palestinians’ rights, adding that  this conference is only a “complete liquidation of the Palestinian cause”.

In this aspect, the Ambassador expressed gratitude to Algeria, hailing its pivotal role in defending the Palestinians’ rights, adding that this country is still adhering its commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Interviewed by DZ Breaking, the Diplomat urged the Palestinians, no matter the faction they belong to, to be united in their effort to thwart the “Deal of Shame.”

Bahrain is set to host the so-called “Peace to Prosperity” workshop to discuss what the United States has described as the economic part of President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century”.


By: Hana SAADA






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