Algeria produces 99% of its electricity from natural gas


ORAN – The electricity production in Algeria comes mainly from natural gas at a rate of 99%, said, Sunday in Oran, the Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab.

Speaking to the press, on the sidelines of the sixth symposium of the Algerian Association of Gas Industry (AIG) organized under the theme “natural gas at the center of energy diversification”, the minister said that “99% of Algeria’s electricity production comes from natural gas “, stressing that” gas is cleaner than other fossil resources “.

“The predominance of natural gas in the Algerian energy is ​​due to the fact that the country is a major producer of fuel ,” he said.

“We have managed to produce 20,000 megawatts to cover the growing demand at the national level and we have 33 power stations in southern Algeria, ,” added Arkab.

“We must think of our energetic future and diversify its use for the benefit of Algerian energy,” said the minister.

At the opening of the sixth symposium of the Algerian Association of Industry, Mr. Arkab emphasized the diversification of energy resources which has become “a strategic axis of our energy policy.



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