Why You Should Take A Real Vacation


A vacation is a period of rest, it is an awesome time to get refreshed, restored, and revamped.


Many people mistake a vacation for their leave, it’s not the same thing.

While many people take their annual leave, very few are deliberate about actually taking a vacation. Instead, they find other things to do like other side-jobs, enroll in a training program or get busy with church activities.

In this post, we’ll be discussing some reasons why you should take a vacation even if it means turning down the opportunity to do more work.

1. It Increases Your Lifespan

Taking a break is essential. When you get stressed chronically, your body gets used to secreting high levels of stress hormones that weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to many diseases and conditions.

When you go on vacation, your body attempts to restore itself, your mind takes a much-needed break and your general health gets restored. It’s no surprise that people who routinely overwork themselves are more likely to have frequent health challenges or hospital visits.

2. It Boosts Your Mental Health

According to the WHO, being healthy doesn’t start and end with physical wellness, your mind needs to be completely whole for you to be considered healthy. When you take a break, you give your mind the opportunity to be revitalized. You are more likely to make better decisions, have good judgment, develop better habits, and improve your productivity when you return to work.

It keeps you less likely to develop conditions like anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems.

3. Your Social Life Gets Better

Every busy person can relate to losing more friends than the average person. Being routinely busy can limit your ability to keep up with family events, religious programs or friend hangouts.

Some smart people who understand how this works and can afford it, set specific dates on the calendar for a family vacation.

This promotes closer relationships amongst family members and many unresolved issues can be discussed in a nicer environment. Taking a vacation doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. You can pack a piece of good luggage, visit a small resort in your city or go to your village for some days. It doesn’t have to be abroad.

4. You’ll Actually Learn Something New

A major eye-opener for people after taking their first trip on a vacation is that there’s much more to life than the dimension you see per time. This can change your perspective on a lot of issues and help you enjoy the little things in life.

Sometimes, a visit to another country can help you see how things work better or worse elsewhere, it also helps you meet real people who share a very different life experience from you and who might not speak a common language with you.

5. You’ll Sleep Better

Instead of chasing doctors for sleeping pills, taking a vacation can help to reset a bad sleep pattern. When you don’t have deadlines to beat or a boss to hurriedly report to, you realize that your body is able to initiate and sustain deep sleep better.

In fact, you can use the opportunity of a vacation to build a healthy sleep schedule. You can try to go to bed by 10 pm each day and wake up by 6-7am. This is usually enough for the average adult to live a healthy life.

When you return from your break, you can consolidate this new sleep pattern and try to see how to make it work with your work schedule.


Guest article by Dr. Charles-Davies, a medical doctor who loves to share health information, sometimes he also writes at 25 Doctors and travelefficiency.com









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