Web portal for Algerian exports promotion


ALGIERS- A virtual gallery destined for the promotion of Algerian exports abroad will be shortly launched by the National Agency for Foreign Trade Promotion (ALGEX), said the Agency’s Director Akila Chellal.


Entitled “Algeria Exporters”, this new website will be an online service presented as a virtual gallery to encourage Algerian exporting companies, said Chellal during a conference on the promotion of Algerian exports abroad, held on the sidelines of the 52nd

Algiers International Fair (FIA-2019).

“This virtual gallery is a digital marketing platform intended for linking Algerian companies with potential foreign customers,” added Chellal.

It is, in fact, a free, interactive, open and extensible export reference that will be made available to Algerian companies, she said.

Available in English, first, then in Arabic and French, the website’s main goal is targeting as many foreign customers as possible, she added.

Each Algerian exporting company will have its own space on this website which will enable the companie to display their products.

A personalized session will also be available on this electronic portal to allow foreign customers contact the company.

The site development team is “in the process of selecting the companies likely to appear on this website,” added Chellal.

The companies which have regular exporting activity and constantly partake in trade faire are entitled to appear on the website.

So far, nearly thirty companies will appear on this electronic portal, she said.

Regarding the gallery’s membership terms, Chellal said that all membership applications are subject to the signature of a two-year membership agreement.

In anticipation of the launching of this virtual gallery, information days and a media campaign will be held nationwide, said the Ageny’s director.

The targeted sectors are those with high added value such as agri-food, industry, construction and fishing, concluded Chellal.








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