Four planes carrying humanitarian aid, destined for Libyan city of Ghat, land at Djanet airport


DJANET (ILLIZI)-Four (04) planes carrying emergency humanitarian aids destined for the population of Ghat (Libya), a region affected by floods recently, landed Thursday at Djanet airport.


Offered by the Algerian Government, the aid was unloaded at Djanet airport in the presence of the Governor of Illizi, Aissa Boulahia and Delegate Governor of Djanet, Kdjiba Abdallah, in addition to representatives of military and civil authorities and senior executives of the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning.

Two planes loaded with humanitarian aid will land Friday at Djanet airport. The cargoes of the six aircrafts will be directly transferred to Ghat, 250 km from Djanet, said the Governor of Illizi.

The aid include 77 tonnes of food, 18 tonnes of mineral water, drugs, 2,000 mattresses and blankets, two power generators, 16 hydraulic pumps, tents and other items.

In a statement to the press during the unloading operation, Boulahia said that “the Algerian State has decided to send emergency humanitarian aid aboard six military aircrafts to our Libyan brothers in the region of Ghat that do need them following floods in the regions of Ajjer and Azjar.”

“The aid sending comes in response to the appeal made by par Amenokal of Ajjer-Ilizi region to public authorities, an appeal dealt with by Deputy Defence Minister, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP) and the Minister of Interior,” he continued.

On this occasion, Boulahia welcomed Army’s efforts and “their great contribution to the delivery operation of this aid to our Libyan brothers,” an operation that reflects “Algeria’s solidarity with them.”

Director of cooperation at the Interior Ministry, Kaili Kamel said the “humanitarian caravan seeks to alleviate the sufferings of the population of Ghat in Libya. It also reflects the values of solidarity and help with the Libyan brotherly people.”






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