Warning against “ambiguous” goals of those seeking to freeze Constitution


ALGIERS- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army on Tuesday warned against the “ambiguous” goals that “knowingly” try to freeze the provisions of the Constitution, which means “entering the dark tunnel of constitutional void.”


“Those who pretend, due to ignorance, arrogance or stubbornness, or driven by ambiguous intentions and goals, that the power of people is above the Constitution and above all, are mistaking because they knowingly try to infringe, or even freeze, the Constitution,” said Gaid Salah in a speech he delivered before the executives of the 3rd Military Region (Bechar).

“Such an attitude would lead to the destruction of the foundations of the Algerian State and the building of another State with other standards, ideas and ideological projects that would be the subject of endless debates,” he continued.

In this regard, Gaid Salah stressed that “Algeria is neither a game of chance in the hands of anyone nor an easy prey for adventurists. The country is the result of the sacrifices of the glorious Revolution (1st November 1954) and needs its faith children.”

For the Deputy Defence Minister, the Algerian people “have plebiscited” the Constitution and are best able to “preserve” and “respect” it.

“It is unthinkable, on behalf of the people, to undermine the achievement of the Algerian people, the fundamental law, namely the Constitution,” he continued.


         The one who holds grudge and animosity against ANP is “Algerians’ enemy”

According to Gaid Salah, the Algerian people will recognize the one “who holds grudge and animosity against the Army and its command.”

They will “surely distinguish between sincere and resentful ones towards their country,” said the Army’s Chief of Staff.

While the ANP was carrying out its missions, he asserted, “some people, devoid of conscience and scruples, cunningly planned to usurp public funds, namely the money of the Algerian people. This is the difference between those who act with dedication and good intention and those who manipulate with malice. They have forgotten that this path is short, even a dead end.”










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