Emergency aid to be conveyed, today, to Djanet


ALGIERS-  Emergency aid, comprising food products, medicines and blankets will be conveyed, Thursday, to the region of Djanet heavily affected by floods, said the ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities.

This batch of emergency aid, which will be transported to the locality of Ghat, located 250 km from Djanet (wilaya of Illizi), near the Libyan border, includes 2,000 food kits of 77 tons, 18 tons of water mineral, a batch of medicines, 2,000 mattresses and blankets, two generators and 16 hydraulic pumps.

As a reminder, Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui announced, last Sunday, at an Interministerial Council devoted to the review of the measures to be taken following recent floods in this wilaya, and the urgent handling of compensation of all affected citizens, the procedures to be taken to help the inhabitants.

Among the decisions taken, the granting of 400 financial aid to the citizens, whose houses were demolished by the floods and the demolition of the houses along the rivers with the relocation of their inhabitants.

The Prime Minister also decided to launch a comprehensive study to protect the city of Djanet against the risk of floods and another study for the construction of three structures (viaducts) at the entrance to the city ​​of Djanet, in Asahi and In Abarbar.

For its part, the Algerian Red Crescent (ARC) sent last week, a caravan of solidarity with 22 tons of aid for the victims of Djanet.



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