Sovac case: Ouyahia, Yousfi, Djoudi’s files transmitted to Prosecutor General at Court of Algiers


Algeria- As part of the investigations into Sovac case, which involves several senior state officials including ministers , several high-ranked officials’ files were transmitted to the Prosecutor General of Algiers’ court.


The concerned officials are: former prime minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, and the two former ministers, Youcef Yousfi, and Karim Djoudi.

Based on the preliminary investigation conducted by the National Gendarmerie of Algiers and on instruction of the prosecutor of the court of Sidi M’hamed, 17 people appeared in court  Sunday, June 16, 2019, said, Monday, a statement of the court of Sidi M’hamed.

After questioning the accused, the prosecutor transmitted the file to the investigating judge of the same court. 15 people are accused of:

Money laundering and illicit transfer of property resulting from proceeds of crime and corruption in order to conceal their source.
Participation in the squandering and use of bank funds in a manner contrary to its interests.
Incitement of public servants to abuse power in order to obtain an undue privilege.

    Benefit from the authority and influence of state officials, local authorities, public institutions and public authorities when concluding contracts and transactions to increase prices.
Violation of legislation and regulation of trade and capital movements from and to abroad.
Abuse of the function for the purpose of granting undue advantage by violating laws and regulations.
The conclusion of contracts contrary to the laws and regulations in force for the purpose of granting undue privileges.

“The accused are: the boss of Sovac Mourad Oulmi and his two brothers, seven executives and officials in the Ministry of Industry and Mines and five executives in the bank CPA. Three companies belonging to the Sovac group have, moreover, been accused in the same case, “according to the same source.

After hearing the defendants, the Investigating Judge ordered Mourad Oulmi and 3 executives of the Ministry of Industry and Mines to be placed under arrest warrant.

The former CEO of the CPA and a central director of this bank have also been placed under arrest warrant.

In addition, two officials from the Ministry of Industry and Mines and five CPA officials were placed under judicial supervision. Two other people were released.

In the same case, the files of a former prime minister and two former ministers were transmitted to the prosecutor general at the Algiers court, the statement concluded.









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