52nd Algiers International Fair kicks off with participation of 15 countries


ALGIERS- The 52nd Algiers International Fair will kick off Tuesday at Palais des Expositions (Pins Maritimes) with the participation of more than 500 national and foreign operators, in at least 15 countries.  

Under the theme “Algeria: economic diversification and partnership opportunities in perspective”, this annual economic event will run until June 23, said the CEO of the Algerian Society of Fairs and Exhibitions (Safex), Tayeb Zitouni, in an interview with the APS.

The stands of the FIA-2019, occupy an overall surface of 22,046 m2, of which 19,880 m2 will be dedicatd to national exhibitors and 2,090 m2 to foreigners.

The total number of participants is 501 operators, including 361 national operators and 140 foreigners.

This new edition will see the participation of Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, United States of America, Cuba, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mali and France, which are considered guests of honor.

The individual exhibitors represent firms of Italian, Czech, German, Pakistani, French, Tunisian and Egyptian nationality.

A program of economic animation called “the afternoons of the FIA” touching various aspects of the economy will take place on the sidelines of this event, during the days of 19, 20 and 22 June.

On this occasion, conferences on different themes will be presented by national and foreign experts.

Among these topics are “Internationalization of Algerian Startups: Challenges and Objectives”, “The National Strategy for the Promotion of Exports Excluding Hydrocarbons and the Prospects of the African Free Trade Area ZLECAf”, as well as other topics related with the economic world.

The opening of the FIA ​​will be daily from 11:00 to 19:00, throughout the duration of the event, with the exception of Saturdays when the closure will be extended until 21:00.



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