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The hard-working planner’s guide to the last 24 hours before your exam

If you’ve been working steadily through a well planned revision timetable for the past 4-6 weeks (or even longer) you enter the last 24 hours before your exam in a wonderful position. All that steady work you’ve been doing will mean that lots of information is firmly planted in your head, ready to rise to the surface as and when you need it in your exam. You’ll be a whizz at past exam papers and you’ll be quietly confident that you’re ready to show off your hard work to the world.

The day before

During the day time, the day before your exam, you should carry on with your revision plan, school timetable or taking exams as already planned out. Try to emphasise revising for the exam the following day, but if you’re in the middle of exam season with lots of exams still to take, it’s probably not a good idea to exclusively focus on just the exam you’ve got tomorrow.

Just keep going at the revision, steadily and surely making progress.

The night before

For you, the night before should be all about rest and relaxation. You might want to cast your eye gently over your revision notes or get someone to test you on something for one last time. However, hard-core brain work should not be your emphasis. Here are some of the things that you should be doing:

  • Double checking you have all your equipment for tomorrow’s exam ready to go in the morning
  • Having a nutritious and healthy meal
  • Taking some exercise or getting some fresh air
  • Relaxing in your favourite way, whether that’s watching TV or having a bubble bath and painting your toe nails
  • Getting an early night and a fantastic night’s sleep

Being relaxed and well rested with your blood heartily circulating around your body is the healthiest way to prepare. It will mean that in the morning your mind is sharp, ready to dredge up everything you’ve revised, and nimble enough to make the most of what you know, even if you can’t give the perfect answer to the question in front of you.






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