Ten Ambassadors hand over credentials to Head of State- Photos


ALGIERS- Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah, on Wednesday, received the ambassadors of ten countries, who handed him their credentials.

They are the ambassadors of Greece, Ms. Nike Ekaterini Koutrakou,  Ghana, Mr. Nana Kwesi Arhin,  Bahrain, Mr. Fouad Sadek Mohamed Al-Baharna, Gambia, Mr. Habib Tamasa Baba Jarra,  Mexico, Mr. Gabriel Rosenzweig Pichardo, Republic of Korea, Mr. Lee Eun-Yong, Mozambique, Mr. Carvaliio Muaria, Ethiopia, Mr. Amin Abdelkader Berkat, Norway, Mr. Knut Langeland and Switzerland, Mr. Lukas Rosenkranz.

The ambassador of Switzerland in Algeria affirmed, on this occasion, the will of the government of his country to “continue” and  intensify the good relations that Switzerland maintains historically with Algeria”, highlighting “Switzerland appreciation for Algeria efforts  for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the preservation of regional stability “.

The Ambassador of Norway in Algiers, for his part, expressed the wish of his country to “strengthen” and “expand” the ties of cooperation with Algeria, recalling that Norway has, since 2007, a presence in Algiers and that the two countries regularly exchange visits.

Mr. Langeland pointed out, on occasion, that the two countries have established partnerships in various fields such as energy, communication, industry and the maritime sector, arguing that several Norwegian companies want to engage in Algeria .

On the political front, the Ambassador of Norway noted a convergence of views between the two countries on a number of political issues.

The Ethiopian ambassador affirmed, for his part, his determination to “work for the reinforcement of the relations between the two countries in all the fields”.

The ambassador of Mozambique, for his part, expressed his country’s gratitude for “all the assistance provided by Algeria to Mozambicans in the field of training”, stating that more than 300 Mozambican students are taking training in Algerian universities.

Mr. Muaria said in this context that Mozambique wants to expand cooperation between the two countries in economic areas, citing the gas sector.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea reiterated, for his part, the availability of his country to accompany Algeria “this great brother country” in its overall development strategy, stressing that the relations between the two countries have been strengthened more since the signature in 2006 of the Strategic Partnership Agreement.

“The visit of the South Korean Prime Minister in December 2018 was an opportunity to reaffirm Korea’s willingness to further strengthen the relations between the two countries and work towards the realization of joint projects,” he said.

Mr. Eun-Yong hailed, on occasion, the “peaceful and democratic” character of the Algerian revolution, saying he was “convinced” that “this important step in the history” of the Algerian people will lead him to “a prosperous future”. ”

Stressing the excellent bilateral relations with Algeria, the Mexican ambassador affirmed that “the Algerian and Mexican governments maintain a dialogue and a fluid collaboration”, recalling that “the two countries are bound by a deep and solid friendship that goes back to the time of Algeria’s war of independence “.

“Over the last two years, trade between the two countries has intensified in different areas,” he added, noting the existence of “great potential” to strengthen them, particularly in the economic areas.

The ambassador of Gambia to Algeria expressed, for his part, the availability of the authorities of his country to cooperate with Algeria on the economic plan and for the development of the two countries.

In this regard, he stated that he had discussed with Mr. Bensalah on the situation in the region and in the subregion as well as  issues of common interest in various fields such as economics, health, education and and new technologies.

The ambassador of Ghana, for his part, said he was “convinced” that Algerian-Ghanaian relations could be “further strengthened”, stressing the need to establish a work program to “bring these relations to a significant level” , especially on the economic level.

“It is our duty to ensure that these relations are strengthened in the interest of both peoples,” he said, believing that strengthening these relations is “the only way of development for the entire African continent”.

The Ambassador of Greece also expressed the wish of his country to strengthen cooperation with Algeria and extend it to other areas, particularly in the sectors of tourism, agriculture and new technologies.
The Bahraini Ambassador affirmed his determination to work for the development of bilateral relations and to raise them to a higher level for the benefit of the two brother peoples.





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