Scandal at University: 1.5 tons of spoiled meats for students of Bechar!


Officials of the university campus for girls “May 8, 1945”, are simply accused of supplying the university canteen with damaged products.

The case that goes back to May, reported by the daily El Khabar, is simply breathtaking!

More than 1.5 tons of meat “unfit for human consumption” were discovered by the economic and financial brigade of the gendarmerie of the wilaya of Béchar. They were stored and ready to be served to the students.

At the end of this incredible investigation, the Director of the Office of Academic Works of Bechar, who is also Director of the University City (1500 beds), was arrested and placed under a deposit warrant.

The same decision hit the head of the food stocks of the City.

The manager of the canteen was placed under judicial supervision.






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