“Istacharatouk”: application for participatory democracy and transparent management


ALGER – The Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and regional Planning, Salah Eddine Dahmoun announced the launch of an application called “Istisharatouk” in order to consolidate the principles of participatory democracy in concretizing its mechanisms and to bring more transparency to the management of internal affairs, according to a statement from the ministry.

As part of the ongoing monitoring of the progress of many current issues, Mr. Dahmoun oversaw a coordination meeting with the directors and central executives at the headquarters of his department, during which he announced the launch of “first application” as part of the series of measures aimed, fundamentally, at consolidating the principles of participatory democracy and the implementation of its mechanisms “.

“Istacharatouk” allows to “consult issues related to local development and improvement of the living environment,” said the minister.

After calling for “the enrichment and development of the features of this application”, the Minister stressed the importance “of multiplying this kind of initiatives and measures within the framework of the relationship administration- citizens, as well as those related to local public services, through the adoption of new local management mechanisms capable of reinforcing the listening and the assumption of the needs of the citizens “. An approach able to “give more credibility to public action and strengthen the link between the citizen and his local community,” he added.

In addition, the meeting discussed the preparations for the summer season, thanks to the assessment of the latest inspection missions carried out by the interior executives in the coastal provinces.






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