Female troupe “Lemma Becharia” on tour in Europe


ALGIERS – The female band “Lemma Becharia”, led by the singer Souad Asla, will be in several European cities for a tour that runs from June 9 to August 31, announces the troupe on its facebook page.

The group will begin its tour with a concert, scheduled Sunday, at the Institute of the Arab World (Ima) in Paris, before performing as part of the Festival “Any where in the wind blows” in the Dutch city of The Hague then at the Festival of five continents in Switzerland.

This troupe, created to revive popular female musical genres from Saoura (southwestern Algeria), is also expected in Sweden, Poland, the Canary Islands and several French cities.

Formed in 2015 by the singer Souad Asla, the group consists of a dozen or so singers from the Bechar region, including Hasna El Becharia, Zohra Kherabi, Rabea Boughazi and Mabrouka Brik.

In February 2018, “Lemma Becharia” released its first album, “Lemma”, dedicated to safeguarding the musical heritage of the Saoura.

After several performances in Algeria and France, the troupe was guest of honor at the 2016 International Festival of Women’s Hadra and Trance Music of Essaouira (Morocco), before touring France and Belgium in November 2018.



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