Cruise Ship Crashes Into Venice Dock and Riverboat- Video


A cruise ship crashed into a tourist boat and then into a dock in Venice, Italy, on Sunday after an engine failure.


Video posted to social media showed passengers escaping from the tourist boat and running down the dock as the cruise ship rapidly approached.

Video posted to social media showed tourists fleeing a cruise ship as it crashed into a tourist boat and dock in Venice, Italy.


The 13-deck MSC Opera rammed into the dock with its horns blaring, injuring five tourists, according to The Associated Press. Two tugboats tried to guide the cruise ship but were unable to prevent it from crashing.

Alyssa Goldfarb, public relations director for MSC Cruises, the ship’s owner, told NPR:

“Earlier this morning, at around 8:30 a.m. CET, MSC Opera — while maneuvering toward Venice’s VTP cruise terminals for mooring — experienced a technical issue. Albeit the ship was accompanied by two tugs, she grazed the dock at San Basilio. This also caused a collision with a river boat that was moored there.

“The investigations to understand the exact causes of the events are currently in progress. Regarding these, the company is working closely with the local maritime and other authorities.

“The ship has in the meantime received authorization to move to be moored at the Marittima terminal, as planned. She is now moored there and has begun passenger operations.”






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