Brahmi underlines role of judicial authority in combating corruption


ALGIERS-Minister of Justice, Slimane Brahmi underlined on Monday, in Algiers, the role of the judicial authority in combating corruption, protecting money and retrieving looted funds.


 In a speech given on the occasion of the installation of the new Chief Executive of the Central Office of Repression of Corruption (OCRC), the Minster said that the judicial authority “is a key partner in establishing the rule of law and law.”

“The stronger, more just and independent the authority is, the better is able to protect people, rights, freedoms and public funds, recover looted funds and preserve incomes of both current and future generations.”

The Minister hailed, in this respect, “the role of the other official state institutions in charge of fighting against corruption, including the judicial police and those which showed great competence in handling complex cases, as well as the National Body for Prevention and Combating

Corruption (ONPLC), the Court of Auditors, the Inspectorate General of Finance, the Directorate General of Taxation, the Directorate of Customs and the Financial Intelligence Processing Unit.”

These institutions and bodies are urged to “actively contribute to combating corruption to ensure protection of the national economy and implement legal punishment measure against all corrupt people,” added the Minister of Justice.








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