Trial of Ali Haddad in court of Bir Mourad Rais


Algeria – After a first ajournement on May 20, the trial of the boss of the ETRHB, Ali Haddad, in the case of holding fake documents is scheduled for Monday, June 3.



In front of the court of Bir Mourad Rais, dozens of journalists are positioned since this morning not to miss the arrival of Ali Haddad.

Shortly after 10:00, we already notice the arrival of the director of the secure documents department at the Ministry of the Interior, as well as Ali Haddad’s lawyer, Khaled Bourayou.


13:00: Verdict in the case of Ali Haddad to be pronounced on June 17. 

12:15 pm: Ali Haddad’s lawyer pleads the innocence of his client, says 18,000 Algerians have two passports.

12:00 pm: The Public Prosecutor requests an 18-month prison sentence against Ali Haddad.

11:50 am: A cadre of the Ministry of the Interior evokes a directive of 2015 which makes it possible to obtain a second passport in exceptional cases without filing a new file.

11:40: Haddad to judge: I asked Abdelmalek Sellal (former Prime Minister) and I got a 2nd passport without presenting any file.

Ali Haddad’s trial kicks off in Bir Mourad Rais court. He is prosecuted for forgery and use of forgery, as well as for false statement.

10:50 am: The tycoon  Ali Haddad, arrives in the court of Bir Mourad Rais aboard a van police.

10:10 am: Arrival of Mr. Khaled Bourayou, lawyer of the defendant Ali Haddad.

10:05: Hassan Boualem, Director of the department of secured documents at the Ministry of the Interior, arrives at the court of Bir Mourad Rais. He is accused of illegally issuing certain documents to Ali Haddad.




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