Health care: Transfer of patients abroad down by 97%


ALGIERS- Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Tidjani Hassan Haddam, on Thursday, disclosed that transfer of patients to receive care abroad dropped by 97% over the past 15 years. 

Supervising with the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Mohamed Miraoui, a national day of evaluation of the program of reduction of patients transfers to receive medical care abroad, themed :”report and perspectives”, the minister explained this decline by ” the development of technology in the treatment of various serious diseases”.

Recalling, on this occasion, the few complicated specialties that require the medical care abroad, citing, for example, arteriovenous malformations, the minister mentioned the signing of an agreement with France , in anticipation of the national project, launched in collaboration with the CNAS and the university hospital (EPH) Lamine Debaghine in Bab El Oued (ex-Maillot), bearing on the support of this category, a project that knows “a big progression,” he said.

Among other diseases that still require the transfer of patients abroad, Tidjani Haddam cited complex congenital heart disease, complex adult heart disease and the liver transplant in children, more so, he added, that a project to take charge of this category by the CNAS in collaboration with the National Transplant Agency (ANG) and with  Belgian Saint Luc hospitals was developed.

In an effort to improve the care of patients within the country, the Minister of Labor cited the signing of several agreements with various health practitioners, including private clinics specializing in cardiovascular surgery, in addition to a program of cooperation with foreign hospitals for the training of the medical staff of the clinic specializing in the Clinic Medical  Infantile Surgery (CMCI) ) in the city of Bousmail (w.Tipasa).






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