Algeria significantly contributes to energy development in Africa


ALGIERS – Algeria significantly contributes to the development of energy in Algeria, particularly in terms of exchange of experiences, Ambassador Namira Najm, legal adviser to the African Union (AU) told a news conference in Nairobi.

“We can not get any better than Algeria in the field of energy (…), sheltering the headquarters of the AU Commission for Energy, is a form of major support to the AU especially in the provision of all means and privileges to ensure the proper functioning of the Commission “, welcomed Ms Nejm, during a press conference on Thursday night.

A headquarters agreement of the African Energy Commission (AFREC), created in 2001 and active since 2008, was signed Wednesday in Algiers, by Ms. Namira Najm, Ambassador, Legal Counsel of the AU and the Director General of the Protocol to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), Mr. Magramane Lounès. The Commission, headquartered in Algiers (Hydra), is headed by Sudanese Rachid Ali Abdallah, chief executive.

“Algeria is among the world leaders in the field of energy and its experience will contribute significantly to the development of energy at the regional and continental levels, including the rapprochement between African countries to establish a comprehensive work plan for energy protection, “continued Nejm.

The tasks of the Commission are to draw up energy development policies, strategies and plans on the basis of subregional, regional and continental development priorities and indicate ways and means of their implementation, said its website.

It is also in charge of designing, developing and updating a continental data bank in the field of energy, as well as promoting the rapid dissemination of information and the exchange of information between Member States and Regional Economic Communities.

The creation of AFREC was decided by the Conference of African Ministers of Energy, organized by the OAU in April 2001 in Algiers.






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