“Imams must deliver sermons “able to unify ranks,” Minister of Religious Affairs


ALGER – The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Youcef Belmehdi, called, on Thursday in Algiers, the ulemas and imams to deliver sermons “able to unify the ranks”, serving the homeland and the citizen, especially among young people.

Speaking at a scientific seminar, organized in collaboration with the High Islamic Council (HCI), on the theme “The guidance (an-naçiha) in the preaching: Foundations of the unity of the Ummah”, the minister said that the ulema and imams must deliver sermons that “unify the ranks” serving the “homeland and society”.

The minister recalled that “Algeria needs, nowadays, its ulemas and imams so that they can help their country and provide advice to young people who must also be supervised and guided”.

The minister, on the other hand, lamented “the misuse of counseling by some people”, saying that the guidance goes hand in hand with virtue, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.



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