Ramadan 2019 : Make sure you don’t skip “Suhoor”


Suhour, a meal eaten at Sahar is the most important meal during Ramadan. It is the symbol of your heartwarming act of worship and one that is your source of your energy all through the day.

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So to help you realize the importance of this special meal, here are the reasons why starting your day with Suhour is essential:

  • It gives you strength and vitality: It’s the body’s primary source of energy during a Ramadan day, especially if the meal is rich in slowly absorbed carbohydrates. Suhour makes fasting easier and tolerable.
  • It helps prevent nausea and headaches during the fasting hours, by regulating the level of sugar in the blood.
  • It reduces thirst during the day.
  • It makes digestion easy and efficient.

It helps cover nutritional needs, when it is balanced and includes a variety of food. Now that you know why suhoor is important,here are some useful suhoor tipsand food ideas to make it healthier, it will also be helpful in weight loss:

  • The meal should contain all the nutrients needed by the body (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) and have easily digestible foods so that it doesn’t cause any stomach discomfort.
  • Drink sufficient water to avoid feeling thirsty during the fasting hours.
  • Avoid salty foods such as pickles, olives, salted nuts and canned food. Also avoid ‘heavy’ desserts such as kunafa and baklava, fatty and fried foods, and spicy foods, which increase thirst.
  • Light sweets such as puddings, mouhallabia or rice pudding can be consumed during Suhour as it gives a feeling of fullness and provides the body with energy and sugar needed when you are fasting, thus preventing you from feeling tired during the day.







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