Algeria-Niger: Rafini welcomes state of “exemplary” cooperation


ALGIERS- Niger Prime Minister Brigi Rafini said, on Monday in Algiers, he is carrying a message to the head of state, Abdelkader Bensalah, from his Nigerian counterpart Mahamadou Issoufou, welcoming the state of bilateral cooperation, described as “exemplary between the two countries”.

Speaking at the end of his meeting with Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui, Mr. Rafini said that discussions with his Algerian counterpart focused on “top of the hour”.

Turning to bilateral cooperation, he said that it is “quite natural”, recalling, in this context, that Niger and Algeria have an “old cooperation dating back to the 1960s”.

Referring to the situation in Algeria, the Nigerian Prime Minister said that “our conviction is that the Algerian people, as in the past, will overcome this situation. The Algerian people are able to transcend all these difficulties and move towards stabilization, understanding and great fraternity. It is our great wish as a brother and neighbor country “.

Arrived at the end of the morning in Algiers for an official visit at the invitation of Mr. Bedoui, the stay of the senior Niger official allowed the two parties to examine the state of bilateral cooperation as well as the prospects for its revitalization and enlargement.

Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui held talks with his Niger counterpart, Brigi Rafini, at the headquarters of the Government Palace, in the presence of the two delegations of the two countries.

Algerian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum and Minister of the Interior, Local Government and Regional Planning Salah Eddine Dahmoune attended the meeting on the Algerian side.

On the Nigerian side were the Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Mohamed Bazoum, and Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lamidou Ousseini Salamatou Bala Goga.



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