19 May 1956 : Students’ strike had “significant impact” on national liberation war


ALGIERS- The strike of the Algerian students on 19 May 1956 had a “significant impact” on the national liberation war, leading to the country’s independence, said Wednesday, in Algiers, lecturers.


“The students’ strike was a surge of the heart of which we are proud. It had a significant impact on the Algerian Revolution at a time when France was conveying the idea that the intellectual elite weren’t involved,” underlined war veteran Laid Lacheguar in a conference organized at the forum of El-Moudjahid paper, on the occasion of the commemoration of the National Student Day.

On that day, thousands of Algerian students left university benches to support the struggle of the national liberation.

After underlining that the commitment of girls was “as significant” as that of boys, the contributor pointed out that the call for the strike, which initially concerned the academics, was then extended to high school students, given thereby stronger impact to this action.

In this respect, he said that the call for the strike launched by the General Union of Algerian Muslim Students (UGEMA) was widely followed by all high school students, alongside students in Egyptian, Tunisian and French universities.

“The Algerian Revolution is the only one in the human history to spread out on the enemy’s ground,” underscored the lecturer, calling on the young generation to “understand its history to build its future.”

For his part, Mohamed Lahcene Zeghidi, academic and history researcher, dubbed “turning point” the strike of students in 1956 for the evolution of the national liberation war, adding that the high school students who abandoned the Baccalaureate exams constituted the “breeding-ground” for the Movement of the national liberation.








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