John O’Rourke: EU hails peaceful marches in Algeria


ALGIERS – The Ambassador of the European Union, John O’Rourke, hailed the peaceful popular marches in Algeria, hoping that they will bring prosperity and development for the Algerian people and for the whole region.

“The images of these incredible peaceful and civic demonstrations that we have been observing for almost three months now confirm our conviction, hoping that this crucial moment in the history of Algeria, which we are privileged to witness, will bring prosperity and development, not only for the Algerian people, but for the whole region, “he said at a ceremony organized on the occasion of” Europe Day “, celebrated on 9 May each year.

In his address, published on the website of the EU Delegation in Algeria, Mr O’Rourke, also welcomed the Algerian-European cooperation, saying that it is “dense, in several areas and based on a solid partnership”.

“Respect for living together is the necessary precondition for any societal project and any desire for peaceful change, and by endorsing this principle, Algeria is committed to an inclusive transition,” he said.

Returning to Europe Day, he said that the EU wants to make a link this year between the celebration of the Day and the International Day of Living Together in Peace to be held for the second time in a week, exactly, May 16.

“While different social and identity tensions divide societies and sow discord between countries, we are all called to face the challenge of living together, with the conviction that differences between human beings are not a liability but an asset, “he highlighted.






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