Importing used vehicles to exert pressure on prices of locally assembled ones


ALGIERS- The return, planned by the government, to the importation of used cars will enable “exerting pressure” on the prices of the locally assembled ones, said Saturday, in Algiers, Trade Minister Saïd Djellab.


“One of the objectives behind importing used vehicles (under 3 years) is to exert pressure on the prices of the locally manufactured ones. It will constitute an external factor favoring the drop in prices, and will enable citizens to buy a car within their means,” Djellab told the press on the sidelines of an evaluation meeting with his sector’s directors.

In a meeting of the Council of the Government last Thursday, the ministers of Finance and Trade were tasked to develop a “conception on the legal mechanisms enabling citizens to import use cars.”

The return to the importation of used cars will be done “in accordance with the technical, environmental and security standards and requirements,” pointed out Djellab.

In this respect, he said that this mechanism will exclusively concern the vehicles under three years, but without giving further details on this file.

The conception, currently being prepared by the Ministries of Finance and Trade, also includes resorting to the bank for the payment of the imported vehicles as well as customs tariffs that must be fixed for such a transaction.

“We will study all the aspects in order not to affect the citizens’ purchasing power and to create a balanced car market in Algeria,” underlined the minister.









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