Oran: “Education in Islam”, theme of t14th meeting of “Dourouss Mohammadia”


ORAN – The 14th edition of “Dourouss Mohammadia” is scheduled from May 16 to 25 under the theme “Education in Islam” on the initiative of the zaouia Belkaidia Habria, whose headquarters are based in Sidi Maarouf in the east of ‘Oran, announced, Thursday, the organizers.

This edition of Dourouss Mohammadia’s series records the participation of scholars and theologians of the Arab world, including, besides Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan, Lebanon and Kuwait, which will give lectures on the theme of this meeting.

The lectures will revolve around “youth in Islam”, “morality among hadith scholars”, “spiritual education in the life of the Prophet’s companions ” and “education and its impact in the reform of society “, among others.

Papers are also on the agenda of this series of lectures, including the role of zaouias in education through the ages, the educational orientations of Sidna Loukman, the good example and its impact on education.

The lectures will be animated daily during this period, between the 11th and 20th of the month of Ramadan after the prayers of El Asr and Tarawih.

The 13th edition of the series of Dourouss Mohammadia was held last year, exceptionally, at the new headquarters of the zaouia, inaugurated in Tixeraine in the commune of Birkhadem (Algiers) and had as theme the sources of Islamic legislation.



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