Council of Non-Hydrocarbon Export constitutes a “step forward”


ALGERS- Minister of Commerce Said Djellab said Saturday in Algiers that the installation, on Saturday, of a National Consultative Council for the Promotion of non-hydrocarbon exports “constitutes a step forward.”


In a statement to the press, Djellab has qualified the Council installation ceremony as a “landmark day,” adding that its creation “constitutes a step forward” in boosting non-hydrocarbon exports.

“The Council which comes under Prime Minister office is tasked with taking all the decisions intended the promotion of non-hydrocarbon exports,” he added.

According to him, the Council is entrusted with contributing to the definition of the strategy of boosting export and examining different incentives which may speed up the shift into minus-hydrocarbon export.

It also makes proposals to facilitate Algerian products’ access to foreign markets and initiate all proposals allowing to “boosting” competitiveness of Algerian goods and services in these markets.

The council which will play a consultative role represents, according to Djellab, “the best way to deal with the concerns of economic operators”.

In this regard, the Commerce Ministry, in collaboration with other ministries and the private sector, initiated the elaboration of a National Non-hydrocarbon Export Strategy, he said.

Speaking on this strategy, supported by the International Trade Center (ICC) in Geneva (Switzerland), the minister said it aimed the implementation of a “roadmap,” “comprising the essential lines of export promotion and the choice of four strategic pilot sectors with strong export potential.

These sectors include agri-food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, automotive and electronic parts and components, as well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The Strategy also aims at defining the horizontal domains likely to boost competitiveness of the Algerian products in the eternal markets: export financing, facilitating logistic exchanges, the management of conditioning quality as well as commercial advertising.







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