Ramadan 2019: Algeria, longest fasting time in Arab world


Have you ever wondered which countries fast the most amount of hours and which countries fast the least amount of hours?





We used prayer timings in major cities of these countries to calculate the intervals between Fajr (preceding sunrise) and Maghreb (marking sunset) on the expected first day of Ramadan, May 06, 2019.

With respect to Algeria, Algerians will fast this year an average of 16 hours a day during the holy month of Ramadan, according to the website of the Center for International Astronomy.

The Algerians will have to fast 15h 30 at the beginning of Ramadan and 16 h 30 at the end of this sacred month which will, likely, begin Monday, according to association Sirius.

Thus, Algeria is at the top of the ranking of the Arab countries in terms of the duration of fasting.

Murmansk, Russia only has 3 hours of darkness, before the sun rises again at 1.41am. While the city of Ushuaia in Argentina has the shortest fasting time in the world. 11 hours exactly. The sun rises at 6.57am and 5.57pm.


190502 fasting times
Image Credit: Seyyed Llata, GN Designer

Interesting fact: In countries where sunset and sunrise are too close (less than 3 hours apart) or are indistinguishible, fatwas have been issued to allow Muslims to follow the timings of the closest city that has distinguishible day and night timings.

Gulf news/ Alg24.





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