Venezuela’s Maduro: Coup attempt thwarted thanks to army, people continued loyalty


A coup attempt  by a group of treacherous soldiers; followers of the coup leaders Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo Lopez was defeated in Venezuela.  This coup attempt was orchestrated and funded by the US government and its ally Colombia with a view to sabotaging peace and democracy in the country.


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that a coup attempt by a small group of the military to spread violence through putschist skirmishes has been defeated, expressing gratitude to the country’s armed forces for their continued loyalty to him.


In a televised speech broadcasted late on Tuesday, the Venezuelan President Maduro, sitting alongside senior military and political leaders, pointed out that a a coup attempt by the group of military personnel supporting opposition figures Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guaido had been thwarted.

“The empire seeks to attack and overthrow a legitimate government to enslave Venezuela,” Maduro said. “I want to congratulate the Military High Command for its courage in defending peace.”

Maduro highlighted that the aim of this attempt is to foil fire and spark an armed confrontation that might be used as a pretext for foreign military intervention, praising the “loyal and obedient” army’s members who spared no efforts to fulfill their national duty, putting down the mutiny within hours after it started early on Tuesday morning.

“I want to congratulate you for the firm, loyal and courageous attitude with which you have led the defeat of the small group that tried to fill Venezuela with violence,” Maduro added.

He said that there only remained a small group of plotters who had chosen “the path of betrayal … [and] handed their souls over to the coup-mongering far right.”

In this vein and during the coup, Guaido, who has declared himself “interim president” of the country, claimed in a video message recorded at an unknown location that Maduro no longer enjoyed the backing of Venezuela’s armed forces. However, this victory came as a response to this baseless claim as the opposition had “failed in their plan given the huge support shown by the Venezuelan people, who want peace, to their legitimate President Maduro.

Early on Tuesday, a group of Venezuelan armed troops accompanying Guaido clashed with soldiers at an anti-government rally in the capital, Caracas. Gunfire was heard, and more than 100 people were reported wounded.

The administration of US President Donald Trump, which has recognized Guaido as the “president” of Venezuela,” quickly backed the putsch bid in an attempt to destabilize this resistant country and this thwart is considered as a severe slap for America.








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