Since 2015, Algeria a target of “despicable schemes” aiming at “undermining its security, Army’s Chief


ALGIERS- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah, deputy minister of National Defense, Chief of Army Staff on Wednesday called the Algerian people to show wisdom to thwart any conspiracy against Algeria, reiterating Army’s determination to support the people “until the fulfillment of their legitimate expectations.”


In a working and inspection visit to the first military district (Blida), the deputy minister of National Defense called the Algerian people to take precautionary measures in the current circumstances, which require wisdom to foil all conspiracies against the country.

Praising Algerian people’s understanding and awareness of this sensitive stage, the deputy minister of National Defense has invited, once again, the “children of the nation to show more prudence and caution” so that the “protests  remain peaceful and civilized.”

He also called for protests and marches to be organized “to avoid infiltration or deviation” to thwart “schemes targeting the country’s security and stability,” citing last Friday’s protests which went smoothly.”
The deputy minister of National Defense and chief of the Army Staff said Algerian people and Army “will together overcome this chapter of our country’s history.”

Algeria, he added, has been since 2015 the target of “despicable schemes” aiming at “undermining the country’s security.”

“Our country has always been the target of despicable schemes, to destabilize it and undermine its security, due to its consistent positions and sovereign decision to rejecting any dictates,” he said in an address before the officers of the 1st military region.

According to the deputy minister of the National Defense, Algerian security services have gathered “evidence-based information about a malicious plan leading the country to an impasse.”

The scheme “dates back to 2015, when its aims and designs were disclosed.”

“We work quietly and with patience for the dismantling of the time-bombs planted by those corrupted and corrupters in different vital State sectors and structures,” he said.

“Those sectors will be cleaned up by combining efforts of people of good faith, as well as through Algerian people’s awareness.”

The lieutenant general praised the role of both the Algerian people and “their children and brothers within the People’s National Army” in preserving State authority and the credibility of its institutions.”








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