Massive demonstrations for 9th Friday demanding regime figures to leave


ALGIERS- Massive demonstrations, demanding “radical change” and the departure of “all the figures of regime” are being organized in Algiers and in the other provinces, for the ninth consecutive Friday, reported APS journalists.


In the capital, Algiers since the first hours of the day, the first groups of demonstrators started to pour into the esplanade outside the main Post Office and Square Maurice Audin, the focal points of demonstrations since February 22nd.

The demonstrators marched through the main streets of the capital, in a peaceful climate.

The key event of this Friday is the closing of the Faculty tunnel, as part of security measures. Last week, the tunnel has been the scene of clashes between the protesters and the security forces.

Holding national flags, the demonstrators repeated slogans calling for the departure of political personalities among the ruling elite in the country, mentioning Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui or Head of the State Abdelkader Bensalah.  

Raised by many demonstrators since the first marches, alongside the national flag, the Tamazight flag has been very much seen in this Friday’s march, notably on the eve of the commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the Berber Spring (20 April 1980).

The demonstrators have new demands: “the opening by the judiciary of cases of corruption and the dilapidation of public funds.”

They also chanted slogans expressing their attachment to the national unity and reaffirming that the “sovereignty exclusively belongs to the people.”

They paid tribute to the People’s National Army (ANP), repeating the famous “djeich-chaâb khaoua khaoua” (Army and the people are brothers), in the presence of reinforced security forces.

The “people reject Bensalah, Bedoui and the entire regime,” “we want free and transparent elections after the departure of system,” “the only guide of Algeria is the people,” read the posters, demanding a period of transition.

In their slogans, the demonstrators renewed their categorical rejection of the consultations launched by Bensalah, notably with former Speaker of the National People’s Assembly Abdelaziz Ziari and further political personalities.

The slogans are “no to consultations with persons behind corruption,” “our force lies in our peaceful struggle and in our union.”

At the end of the marches, citizens, especially young people, started to clean up all the arteries of the capital.

The very demands and slogans are chanted in the other regions of the country.








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